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HCW Rising Tides 2023 - Together for Global Health in DC on March 3rd & 4th

February 14, 2023 Helping Children Worldwide; Dr. Laura Horvath, Emmanuel M. Nabieu, Yasmine Vaughan, Melody Curtiss Season 2 Episode 2
Optimistic Voices
HCW Rising Tides 2023 - Together for Global Health in DC on March 3rd & 4th
Show Notes

Today’s episode peels back the curtain to show the considerations that are made by organizations around the world when it comes to building sustainable programs, and for those of you getting into this work, may help you understand some challenges you may face and see some gaps in program planning.

Host Yasmine Vaughan is joined by Mariama Massaquoi, a family medicine doctor based in Virginia.
Mariama is double board-certified in family medicine and family medicine obstetrics with an MPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She currently works full-time for the US Army. Mariama and her siblings run an organization called Tenki for Born, a org dedicated to alleviating maternal mortality in Sierra Leone. Tenki began about 2  years ago and has been doing health system strengthening work in Bo, including training midwives, funding clinic improvements, and other activities.

Mariama started on this journey to help Sierra Leone from her passion to empower others and transform lives. She and her sister are co-founders of Tenki and are part of the board.

 Welcome Mariama!

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As Mariana says,

"We maximize our effectiveness by working together."