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Training - Essential Lessons for Ethical Mission Deployment.

August 25, 2023 Helping Children Worldwide; Dr. Laura Horvath, Emmanuel M. Nabieu, Yasmine Vaughan, Melody Curtiss Season 2 Episode 15
Optimistic Voices
Training - Essential Lessons for Ethical Mission Deployment.
Show Notes

Your Optimistic Voices Podcast Host, Yasmine Vaughan, discusses appropriate training for Short Term Mission (STM) Teams to ensure ethical missions with Guest, Andrea Kroeze. Helping Children Worldwide engages with individuals interested in short and long term missions overseas and provides training for STM deployment.

In our Season One episode with Eli Oswald of Faith to Action "Do No Harm" we discussed ethical STMs in orphan response.  In our Season One episode with Tory Ruark of Standards of Excellence "Certified Ethical" we discussed the 7 Standards of Excellence in STM. In today’s Episode, we will talk more about standard 6, appropriate training. 

An excellent short-term mission prepares and equips all participants for the mutually designed outreach, and is expressed by:

  •          Biblical, appropriate, and timely training
  •          On-going training and equipping (pre-field, on-field, post-field)
  •          Qualified trainers

Andrea Kroeze has been on staff with Touch the World since 2004 and currently serves as the Training & Curriculum Coordinator where she finds innovative ways to train and prepare students to serve locally and globally. Andrea is also the Head Instructor of The Missions Academy, an online learning platform that equips people to do short-term missions better. Andrea and her husband Jesse have three children, two of whom were born in Uganda, Africa, when they served as overseas missionaries there for 5 years. In Uganda they learned about life in another culture, more than ever about God, and formed some of the most meaningful relationships of their lives.  While living overseas, Andrea developed a deep love of culture and it’s now one of her favorite topics to learn about and teach.  She’s currently pursuing her Masters degree at Fuller Seminary in Theology and Ministry with a concentration in youth, family and culture.


https://shop.touchtheworld.org/pages/missions-resources (Missions devotionals and Re-Entry Journals)

www.themissionsacademy.com (online missions training) 

MissionWorks General Website: https://missionworks.global/

MissionExcellence Website: https://missionexcellence.global/

7 Standards: https://missionexcellence.global/7-standards/


TTW’s Core Mission Principles


For Long-Termers training: https://www.traininternational.org/pre-field


Instagram @mamakroeze